Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Katran-M CIWS (Close-In Weapon System) - Ukraine

Missiles, Guns, Grenade (Explosive and Smoke) Launchers, Electro Optic Sensors,
Fire Control System  from  Ukraine


Katran-M showing the 2 Baryer SSM side launchers

The Katran-M  CIWS  (Close-In Weapon System) is a bolt-on, stand-alone weapons system with multiple armaments – Missiles,  Guns,  Grenade (Explosive and Smoke) Launchers; with its own  Electro optic Sensors, Stabilization System and Fire Control System.

The Katran-M  CIWS was developed by Ukrainian defense scientists for naval use from the successful BM-3 Shturm Overhead Weapon Station (OWS) used in Armored Fighting Vehicles like the BTR-3E1.


Fire Control System -   Sensors Monitor (Top),Control/Trigger Device (2 views)

It is a naval system comprising of multi-layered, multi-dimensional firepower with built-in sensors, Stabilization System, and Fire Control System, defending against surface, air and ground targets, from up close to up to 5 kilometers away.

Katran-M  Schematic View

30mm ZTM-1 Automatic Cannon    
Anti-Missile, Anti-Ship, Anti-Air, Shore Support
(Two)   Baryer Surface to Surface Missiles   
Anti-Ship, Anti-Air (Low & Slow), Anti-Armor
KBA-117 (AG-17) 30mm Automatic Grenade Launcher 
Anti-Ship, Anti-Air (Low & Slow), Shore Support

KT-7,62 (PKT) 7.62mm Machine Gun   
Anti-Boat, Anti-Air, Anti-Personnel
(Six)  902V type 81-mm Smoke Grenade Launchers 
Smoke camouflage defense


Katran-M – Track Sighting

The Katran-M  CIWS was recently installed on the new 2,500 ton corvette of the Equatorial Guinea Navy, according to Jane's Naval Weapon Systems, 20 April 2012.

Overhead view of 2 Katran-M’s on corvette stern




ZTM-1 30mm Automatic Cannon: It operates in automatic fire mode using a remote electric trigger, and controlled electro mechanically. High-Explosive or Armor Piercing rounds are loaded from 2 belt magazines stored in two ammunition boxes with 400 rounds of ready use ammunition. Rate of Fire is 330 rpm. Armor Piercing (AP) bullets have an effective range of 2,000 meters while High Explosive Tracer (HET) and High Explosive Incendiary (HEI) bullets have an effective range of 4,000 meters.
ZTM-1 30mm Automatic Cannon 4,000 meters effective range, 330 rounds/minute

30mm Rounds

BARYER SSM Missile System (Two): A 5 kilometer maximum effective range with Semi-Automatic Laser (SAL) guidance, tandem hollow-charge warhead with not less than 800 mm armor penetration behind ERA

R-2 SSM missile with launch and transport containers

Laser Sight-tracker

KBA-117 (AG-17) 30mm Automatic Grenade Launcher: Rate of Fire 50-400 rpm, Maximum Effective Range 1700 meters, Ready Ammunition 87 (29 х3) rounds 

Automatic Grenade Launcher
Automatic Grenade Launcher  - Grenades

KT-7,62 (PKT) 7.62mm Machine Gun: Maximum Rate of Fire 700-800 rpm, Combat Rate of Fire 250 rpm, Effective Range 2000 meters, Ready Ammunition 2000 rounds 

KT-7,62 (PKT) 7.62mm Machine Gun
KT-7,62 (PKT) 7.62mm Machine Gun ammunition

902V type 81-mm Smoke Grenade Launcher: Range 200-300m, Ready Ammunition 6 grenades 

Smoke Grenade Launchers

Smoke Grenades

Fire Control System and 2-Axis Stabilization System:

Electromechanical Servo Drives for stabilization
Aiming Angles: Traverse – 360 degrees; Elevation –  from - 5 to + 45 degrees
Biplanar electromechanical Weapon Stabilizer and Fire Control System 

Track Sighting System control panel

Stabilizer System Components


Video camera,  Infra Red camera,  Laser Rangefinder


Panoramic Observation System video camera / Monitor

Video camera (range: 5,000m daylight; 800m night with illumination), and  Infra Red camera (range: 2,500-5,000m) day-and-night Camera Sighting System, with integrated laser rangefinder (range:  160-5,000m)

Choice of 2 Control Channels

Retractable overhead 360-degree traverse Panoramic Observation System video camera (2 degree angle coverage resolution)



1. PF-15 class cutter - As a CIWS, to add firepower against missile and small boat threats, anti-armor on shore, additional Sensors/Fire Control System suite

2. Rajah Humabon class DE – As a CIWS, to add firepower against missile and small boat threats, anti-armor on shore, additional Sensors/Fire Control System suite

3. Auk’s and PCE’s patrol ships – As a CIWS, to add firepower against missile and small boat threats, anti-armor on shore, Sensors/Fire Control System suite
4. Aguinaldo class and PKM patrol gunboats – As main weapons system and  Sensors/Fire Control System suite

5. Kagitingan and Yap class patrol gunboats – As main weapons system and  Sensors/Fire Control System suite 

6. Andrada class FPB’s – As main weapons system and Sensors/Fire Control System suite

7. LST’s, LSV’s – As main weapons system and Sensors/Fire Control System suite
8. Auxiliary ships – As main weapons system and Sensors/Fire Control System suite
9. Mobile Shore installations – As an anti-aircraft, anti-ship, and coastal defense weapons system
10. V-150, Simba, other APC’s – as a weapon system for conversion to Armored Fighting Vehicle role

The Katran-M  CIWS has the potential of controlling other cannons and guns in Philippine Navy ships as the Fire Control System. By utilizing its Video and Infrared day-and-night cameras together with its integrated Laser Rangefinder, the accuracy and effectiveness of other cannons and guns can be greatly enhanced.
PCE with Katran-M  CIWS

The Katran-M  CIWS Close-In Weapon System can substantially enhance to a higher level the situational awareness and firepower of all Philippine Navy ships thereby presenting a very credible naval defense posture for our country. And at a more affordable price with potential technology transfer.
Aguinaldo with Katran-M   CIWS



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